I used to be cool... until I had kids. Then they made me turn in my dignity and gave me a minivan.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Never Alone

   I have noticed that the boys are much, much braver than my other three offspring ever were. They will venture down dark hallways, up steep steps and open any door they can pry their little fingers into. And it should have been obvious why that is the case, but it took my Pops to point it out: "They are never alone. Life is probably much less scary with your best friend by your side."

I mean, duh, right?

 "If you slip and tumble downwards, aim right, brother. Aim right."

 "If this ever gets out, we can deny it ever happened. Photographic evidence be damned! It's two against one."

 "No, no... I won't lock it. I'll just close the door. Go on. Get in."

 "If we don't look directly at her, maybe she'll go away."

Life with your best friend by your side...   not a bad life if you ask me (or them).

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