I used to be cool... until I had kids. Then they made me turn in my dignity and gave me a minivan.

Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year... Old Habits

  I used to think of myself as a blogger, a writer, a chronicler of my life.  I could write about the most mundane things: from my kids strange and funny quotes; to little tidbits of the daily news.  And, sometimes, even my biggest hopes and dreams.  My time spent writing made me happier, more complete on some days and on other days it only seemed to make the "holes" in my life bigger, darker... scarier.  In the end, I always seemed to go back to my love of writing and everything else, those scary things, faded with each word written. 

  That is until I became a full-time mom.  My time was stretched more tightly than it had ever been at any point in my life and I felt a more intense commitment to that unpaid job than I ever did in any cubicle or office I was in, toiling away for a salary (some good, others decent, but all reflected my efforts with cash). Time 'tis a precious, precarious thing.

  It's now 2014... almost five years since I left my office in Beverly Hills for days spent in yoga pants, washing clothes, doing dishes, making dinners, grocery shopping, refereeing altercations over the last Chocolate Chunk granola bar and playing Los Angeles cabdriver to my kids.  And let me tell you: kids NEVER tip. They WILL leave a million and one goldfish crackers in your car and use you as a human kleenex. With the New Year approaching, one of my resolutions is WRITE MORE.  As with all of my endeavors, I can't promise anything.  I tend to loose interest or, rather, I loose time.  Only, I am beginning to realize that all we have is time.  But it's short.  What I can guarantee is this: I will do my damnedest to make my time as sweet as I can possible make it.  And it has to include my loves of writing, photography, learning and my family.

  So, bring on 2014... time for loving life.