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Friday, February 8, 2013

Pancakes & Waffles: A Super Sappy Letter From Your Mother

Dear Pankcakes and Waffles,

  323 days.  That's how many days you've been in my world.  Well... before that, you were IN my world, but also IN my body. So, our conversations were pretty much one-sided. 
 323 days. And it feels like it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna love you both to pieces all the days of your life, but you two are WORK. Rewarding as it is, it's still work.  Exhausting, unending, poopie work. I especially like it when the work is extra poopie and you guys add struggle and escape attempts to it... (Side note: remind mommy to teach you about sarcam).  All that work aside, you have really cute tooshies.

  Speaking of cute, one day I will look back at just how cute your needy (yet eternal and complete) love is for me that the hours I spent trying to hold both 18+ lb babies while they turned me into the "human kleenex" will seem less annoying and more endearing. Then I will remember I can wear clothes I actually like, again.

Your limited teeth; your goofy, fly-away hair; the 4 hands that are always reaching for, pulling, grabbing, into something; the questionable smells that come from you... all of these qualities will eventually be missed, even yearned for, in the future.

Like, far off future, but future, nonetheless.

~ Like how I miss baby J and his super sweaty head and sweet snuggle. Mostly, his scratchy baby voice with the Bostonian accent.

~  Like how I miss baby C.  The excessive drooling, the innocent eyes, the giant appetite... the way he cocked his head like Forrest Gump.  *sigh*

~ And baby P and her intensity in everything from her walk, to her attitude, but especially in the way she loved.

  I'm so lucky to have all my children, biological or not.  And as your mommy, I get the added bonus of being able to share this all with a pretty great daddy.

  323 days... and only a lifetime to go. And I'll love you through all of it and beyond.


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